Ministry of Sound


Original Brief

To capture the essence of what it means to be a club-goer at Ministry of Sound today, a raw portrayal of the untold story of the club-goer: the regulars, the raver, the lovers, the friends, and the first-timers.

Ministry of Sound presents you with seven seminal moments

At the end of 2012, Ministry of Sound commissioned us with creative design team Studio Output to help capture the magic moments that take place every weekend at Ministry of Sound.

This work is the basis of a powerful  London Underground campaign that launched May 6th, 2013:  ‘The Nights to Remember’ series.


"The posters feature black and white pictures of clubbers at MOS nights taken by street photographer Paul Bence, who spent each Friday and Saturday there for three months."

Rachael Steven, Creative Review, 23rd May 2013


The campaign is an honest homage to those people losing and finding themselves on the dancefloor in the Box on the weekend, a room that remains as heady and euphoric as the day the doors first opened 22 years ago.


"... selected as a photographer for his ability to capture atmospheric natural light in night-time environments, 'and because we felt his work had a timeless feel that could help us tap into people’s memories, making the campaign not purely about the now' "

Dan Moore, Studio Output for Creative Review 2013


The music may have changed, but the ethos has remained people are still having the time of their lives.

Shooting Process

We kept it really simple on this shoot, just Paul, a D3s, no flash, and a lot of patience. We decided to shoot black and white as it fitted really well with the documentary approach the campaign was aiming for.

MOS_TubePosters_Dev10-LR-6 MOS_TubePosters_Dev10-LR-4

MOS_TubePosters_Dev10-LR-1 MOS_TubePosters_Dev10-LR-2

MOS_TubePosters_Dev10-LR-3 MOS_TubePosters_Dev10-LR-5


Touching 40 and being asked to go clubbing for 3 months was a little wearing to say the least. But we had an amazing time, met some wonderfully eclectic people and made memories that will last for a long time yet.

This was the biggest campaign Ministry Of Sound had ever run, the ads appeared in over 100 different tube stations, was plastered all over Ibiza and we are proud of it.


Seen in the London underground

As seen in the London Underground


  • 3 Months
  • 20 Club nights
  • about 6000 Photos taken
  • 8 Photos selected
  • 100 Underground stations
  • 1 year campaign